Welcome! Welcome all of you to this wondrous new temple to all things FU! After many, many years the Freeform Universal roleplaying game gets its very own place on the internet where it can spread out, settle in and relax in its own skin. I cannot believe that it has been seven years since I wrote what we all know and love as FU – I genuinely had to go back into my archives and double check, but it’s true. Seven years of fun, storytelling and adventure. And seven years of amazing support and passion for a little game that I never really thought would amount to much.

The freeform universal nerve centre

I am so amazed and humbled by all the love that FU has received and I felt it was high-time that there was a single, easy-to-navigate hub for all things related to the Freeform Universal RPG. This website is like “mission control” for all things FU; the place to view the launch of all things new, to monitor the progress of ongoing projects, and a central spot to share ideas, reviews and other material related to FU, storytelling or the community in general.

It is my hope that this site will transform in time to become a veritable Batcave of awesome. One, because the Batcave is awesome, and two because there is so much great stuff out there to enhance your games of FU it would be great to stack the nooks and crannies of this site with as much of it as possible. I really hope you help me achieve this – send me the great stuff that deserves a mention, an article from your blog, a link to a relevant forum post, or anything else that makes your games more enjoyable.


The real low-down

“But what’s the real reason that you’ve gone to all this effort?” I hear you ask (in a funny voice, as game masters are want to do from time to time). The truth is, FU is seven years old and spread out across both my personal blog and the Peril Planet site, both of which get very little attention in my busy schedule. Articles about FU in particular are mingled with articles about family, writing or the latest doodad that caught my eye. There are a lot of people that just aren’t that interested in all that other stuff – You might be one of them!

While the creation of another website won’t magically make me post more regularly, a site such as this with a singular focus will make it much easier for me to keep articles focused, and the content “on topic”. It also makes things much easier for you, dear FU Fan*. As new content is created (or the old stuff updated and brought over), you will be able to just come here for all your freeform universal needs!

Furthermore, the work of people like Carsten Damm and the fine folk at Vagrant Workshop have reminded me of just how great FU is. Sometimes you forget these things because you live with them everyday! I have been inspired to revisit what has gone before, my notes (soo many notes in soo many notebooks!), and ideas. I needed somewhere to organise these thoughts and throw light on them – this is that somewhere!

*FU Fan? Is that a weird name? Funatics? Fools…? Suggest a better name for y’all!

Coming soon…ish


What do you think of the new FU badge?

This site is (obviously) in its infancy, but I am working hard to make it a useful resource. Tell me what you would like to see / included in the comments below.

It is my intention to write some reviews of FU-related products and some articles on how to get the most out of the game. I am working on a game that is based on FU and I will share my progress on that, too.

I am also considering social media options that best serve you, while staying manageable for me – there is no point having accounts for things that I never log into. I know many role-players are on G+, but I am rarely there, to be honest. I am frequently on Facebook managing other accounts, so it is a more likely possibility, however in the meantime you can always follow me on twitter @MrNathanRussell.

So, in summary

  1. I really appreciate your enthusiasm, support and love for FU: the freeform universal rpg over the last seven years. I never thought a little game I created to introduce a friend to roleplaying could have such a reception – it has blown me away.
  2. Stay tuned for awesome FU stuff.
  3. Leave comments below!