FU Hacks are games / documents created by fans so they can use the Freeform Universal RPG rules in their favourite settings / genres / worlds. Even if you are not interested in any of these particular hacks / settings, it is worth having a browse to see what others have done with the rules, as there is a multitude of great ideas and interesting tweaks you might apply in your own games.

I have endeavoured to attribute the creator of each hack wherever possible. If I have missed you, let me know! If you have a hack to add to the below, get in contact, too.

Click on an image to open a PDF of the hack. You may save / print the document from there.

I Know Kung Fu!

Recreate all the action and adventure of the Matrix films, from calling your controller to summon the gear you need when you need it..

I Know Kung Fu - FU Hack

May The FU Be With You!

The galaxy-spanning adventure of Star Wars comes to life with this hack.

May the FU be with you - FU Hack

Lego FU

Grab hold of the Creation Spark and see what adventures it takes you on, with a game inspired by the worlds of Lego.

By Andrew Smith

Lego FU - FU Hack

Hot War

Play in Contested Ground Studio’s post-apocalyptic 1960’s world of Hot War (or even the predecessor Cold City).

By Adrian Price

Hot War - FU Hack

Pirates – Adventure on the High Seas!

An incredibly detailed hack for playing swashbuckling pirate adventures.

By Steven Lincoln

Pirates - FU Hack


Save the world from alien invasion in this hack of the X-COM computer game.

By Jean-Baptiste Breton

XCOM - FU Hack

Zombie Apocalypse

Fight zombies and survive the night! Bringing zombies to your games of FU.

By Jean-Baptiste Breton

Zombie Apocalypse - FU Hack


An extensive reworking of the FU rules, bringing additional depth and detail.

By Adrian Price