Dice. We gamers love them, don’t we? I know I have far more dice than I could ever roll at once, but still I continue to collect more! While FU can be played with regular six-sided dice, sometimes I think it would be cool to have custom dice to roll on the table – you know, yes, no, and, but dice. Luckily, there are a couple of options available!

Precis Intermedia Amazing 8in1 Die

Amazing-8in1-DieThe Amazing 8in1 Die is a six-sided die with (you guessed it) eight different pieces of information on each face. As well as the expected 1-6 numbers and the almost compulsory FATE/Fudge option, it also offers a direction indicator, and result generator for 2d6, d2, d3, average die and (woohoo) a yes, no, and, but die.

What I really like is there’s a dedicate die face for each result possible in FU, from Yes, and… all the way down to No, and… No need for combining two different icons/numbers to get a valid result.

The Amazing 8in1 die is available from Precis Intermedia and they currently have a sale on them!


Meta Dice by Bill Edmunds

Meta Dice were funded through Kickstarter last year and each face provides four very clear pieces of information. Numbers 1-6, FATE/Fudge dice symbols, hit locations and a “tick” and “no” icon that can easily be read as yes and no dice.

To get the full range of a yes, no, and, but dice you will need to read the “yes” and “no” icons along with the fate “+” and “-“, however the range of colours means it would be quite easy to use the Meta Dice for FU variants such as Vagrant Workshop’s Equinox and Earthdawn: Age of Legends games which require modified FATE dice.

I have not been able to find a link to Meta Dice beyond the Kickstarter page, so if you are after some of these dice you may have to contact Bill Edmunds that way.

meta dice

Vagrant Workshop’s limited run FU Dice

Literally as I was writing this post I received an email from Vagrant Workshop announcing their preorder for a limited run of custom FU Dice sets. Each set has a die with the six yes, no, and, but results, three bonus dice and three penalty dice. These sets are designed to be used with their variation of the FU rules, and they look quite nice!

Vagrant Workshop are only doing a limited run, so if you’re interested get in quick!

Vagrant Workshop FU Dice Set - yes, no, and, but dice


So there you have it – three options for yes, no, and, but dice. There are probably more, so let me know in the comments about any options that I have missed!