FU: The Freeform Universal RPG is a game of action, adventure and fun! It is a roleplaying game of grand proportions and stupefying simplicity. FU lets you create exciting stories in any setting imaginable, with a minimum of fuss, or even preparation.


The core of FU comes down to this:

  • Characters are described with evocative descriptors – no “stats” or other numbers!
  • Only players roll dice, letting the Game Master focus on guiding an awesome story
  • Conflicts and obstacles are approached with closed questions – “Can I leap the chasm?” “Do I disarm my opponent?”
  • The dice answer your question with some combination of YES / NO / AND / BUT which you use to drive the story forward

FU is released under a Creative Commons Attribution License

FU is now released with a Creative Commons Attribution License. This is a very flexible license that allows you to copy, remix, edit and create awesome stuff based on FU. Perhaps, most importantly, it is not a “viral” license, in that it does not require you to share your new creations with the same license. Of course, I would love it if you did – that way other people can use your awesome ideas and we can continue to build the totally fantastic community of FU Fans!

So, what kinds of things can you do with FU under this license? So long as you following the requirements (below), you can:


  • Share the work
  • Copy the work
  • Translate the work
  • Create new things derived from the work
Creative Commons Attribution Licence


The most important requirement for anything you do based on my work is attribution: you must give me credit. Wherever you put your own copyright notice, you must add the following text:

This work is based on FU: The Freeform Universal RPG (found at http://freeformuniversal.com), by Nathan Russell, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/).

This text must be the same size as the rest of your copyright section. If it is an electronic product you can make “Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license” a link to http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ and “FU: The Freeform Universal RPG” a link to http://freeformuniversal.com, instead of printing the URLs.

Second, you cannot imply that I (Nathan Russell) endorse, sponsor or recommend you or your product, in any way. You can use the Powered By FU logo (see below).

Finally, you cannot use this work in any way that is prejudicial to my (Nathan Russell) honour or reputation.

Powered By FU

You may use the Powered By FU logo on your work. There are two versions of the logo – choose the one that best suits the background you’re putting it on. To make legal use of either logo, you must include the following text:

The Powered By FU logo is (c) Nathan Russell and is used with permission.

Once again, this text must be placed with your own copyright information, and must be the same size as the rest of the copyright section.


An important note!

The CC-BY license applies only to the core rules of FU, available as a PDF download. The content of this website is NOT available under the license and remains (C) of Nathan Russell or other relevant copyright holder. You are welcome to playtest, discuss (here and in other forums), direct others to this content, use the material for your home games and generally in accordance with fair use expectations.

As rules are further developed and play tested additional content may be added to the CC licence.